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17th to early 18th c. Tin-Glazed Large Italian Bulbous Handled Apothecary Jug

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A remarkable 17th to early 18th Century Italian Apothecary Jug 
The medium used was called Maiolica (Majolica)
which is a tin glazed earthenware pottery.
 Apothecary jugs from the 17th & 18th century Italy served 
both functional and decorative purposes. 
This one is embellished with a hand painted floral design over a buff ground. 
The storage vessel was used in apothecaries as containers 
for ointments, oils, and various medicines.

Well established as a profession by the seventeenth century, 
the apothecaries were chemists, mixing and selling their own medicines. 
They sold potions from a fixed shopfront, catering to other medical practitioners, 
such as surgeons, but also to lay customers walking in from the street.

Approx. Dimensions:
Height:   13 3/4"
Width:   9 1/2"
base diameter: 5 3/4"

Approx. Weight:
9 pounds

                                      ID. 300                                 LOC.F

this 300+ year old apothecary jug is in great condition for it's age with only minor damage, chips & flakes to the base and body.