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1st Century Persian Nishapur Ceramic Glazed Jug with Handle RARE

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1st Century Persian Nishapur Ceramic Glazed Jug with Handle We are offering... A gorgeous 1st century Persian Nishapur glazed jug with an attached handle. It has a millennium old iridescent silica layer a top its turquoise and black decorated glaze. There is a handle that leads from the neck of the jug to the swollen belly of the jug. It is an extremely rare piece and is in great as found condition for its age. Nishapur Nishapur or Nishabur is a city in Khorasan Razavi Province, capital of the Nishapur County and former capital of Khorasan Province, in northeastern Iran, situated in a fertile plain at the foot of the Binalud Mountains. Nearby are the turquoise mines that have supplied the world with turquoise for at least two millennia. Nishapur later became the capital of Tahirid dynasty and was reformed by Abdullah Tahir in 830, and was later selected as the capital of Seljuq dynasty by Tughril in 1037. From the Abbasid era to the Mongol invasion of Khwarezmia and Eastern Iran, the city evolved into a significant cultural, commercial, and intellectual center within the Islamic world. Nishapur, along with Merv, Herat and Balkh were one of the four great cities of Greater Khorasan and one of the greatest cities in the middle ages, a seat of governmental power in eastern of caliphate, a dwelling place for diverse ethnic and religious groups, a trading stop on commercial routes from Transoxiana and China, Iraq and Egypt. Nishapur reached the height of its prosperity under the Samanids in the 10th century, but was destroyed and the entire population slaughtered by Mongols in 1221. This massacre, combined with subsequent earthquakes and other invasions are believed to have destroyed the pottery industry the city was known for. (cc:Wikipedia) Approx. Dimensions: Height: 5 1/2" Width: 4" Condition: Item is in good age related condition. Has some old repairs to the base as well as glaze losses throughout. Please see all photos for complete description. All CA Residents must pay CA Sales Tax LOC. F