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Antique Japanese Awaji Movement Pottery Vase

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We are very pleased to offer An antique Awaji movement pottery vase produced in Japan prior to 1883 as evidenced by the Danto Kiln Chidori Bird mark on the base of the vase. The vase presents Mount Fuji surrounded by a green background while a blue river flows in it's foreground. The Awaji Movement (1875-1939) was in some regards in response to the Art Nouveau Movement that used sensuous, organic forms with sweeping curves and handles. These forms were accented by two tone glazes which melted into one another with an hypnotic effect. The pieces made during this movement were some of the most interesting of the Awaji output. The Chidori mark is seen on pieces that may predate the kiln's change in ownership in 1883 as later pieces produced after 1890 would have either "Japan" or "Made in Japan" on the bottom of the vase or piece as destined for Western Export. Dimensions : Approximately 5" x 5" Condition : Very good condition with original Kiln flaws evident. Please see all images to view existing condition. LOC. F
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