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c.1960 Michael Andersen & Sons, Denmark Gert Hiort Petersen Mid-Century Charger

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c. 1960's Michael Andersen & Sons, Denmark Gerd Hiort Petersen Large Bowl Danish We are offering... A wonderful Mid Century Danish Modern bowl by Michael Andersen & Sons (MA&S), done by the artist Gerd Hiort Petersen. This charming bowl depicts a woman on a loom with a cat by her feet eyeing a ball of yarn. The glaze is a Persia Glaze, a special craquelure technique developed at Michael Andersen pottery in the 1930's. The underside of this bowl has the appropriate marks and labels, including the inventory number 4106 / 2. Michael Andersen Stentøj or Michael Andersen Ceramics, was founded by the Danish pottery maker Jens Michael Andersen (1859-1931) in Rønne, on Bornholm, in 1890. After ended training at ceramics maker Lauritz Hjorth, Jens Michael Andersen took over a highly respected and historic ceramic workshop in Rønne, which had been producing ceramics since 1773, and carried it on, under his own name, Michael Andersen. His four sons were all educated pottery makers, and worked at the factory in Rønne, which mainly produced kitchenware, figurines, vases and jars – in Ancient Greek or Nordic style. The oldest son, Daniel Folkmann Andersen (1885-1959), was a clear, creative and artistic talent and in the age of 20, he had a fundamental impact on the artistic development of the factory, as he created products in the new art nouveau style – vases with flower or animal decorations and multi-colored glaze. This was a huge success, and helped the company to be one of the most interesting ceramics companies in Denmark, in the early 19th century. In 1916, the company expanded and changed name to Michael Andersen & Son, as one of the four sons, Emil Folkmann Andersen (1887-?), became partner. Another of the sons, Michael Ejner Andersen, created during the 1920s, two series of majolica products with simple, clean and smooth shapes; Dania and Kobolt. Jens Michael Andersen, the founder, died in 1931, and at the same time Emil redrew from the company. This meant that Michael Ejner Andersen became the business and commercial manager, Daniel Folkmann Andersen became the artistic director and technical manager, whereas the fourth of the brothers, Pauli Folkmann Andersen remained as plain pottery maker by own choice. At the World Exhibition in Brussels, in 1935, Daniel Folkmann Andersen won the gold medal for a new glazing technique – the Persia-technique. This emphasized their position as one of leading in creative and innovative ceramic design, in Denmark. Up through the 1950s and 1960s, the company gradually changed the production to be more commercial, and the product range was expanded with stoneware in the trending functionalistic style, led on by Danish artist Marianne Starck. In 1993, the Danish Artist ,Solveig Ussing, took over the company and runs it today. Solveig Ussing has worked for the company since she was 14 years old. Bonus info: In the 1890s, the company used a stamp with the name Michael Andersen, written in Gothic letters to hallmark their products. Around 1900 to 1916, the stamp changed to using Latin letters, instead of Gothic letters. From 1916 to 1931, the company used a stamp with M.A. & S., but after 1931, the stamp changed to using the town seal of Rønne, depicting three fish inside a triangular crest. Gerd Hiort Petersen was born on Bornholm in 1937. Many ambiguous tracks have set their mark through a long life with ceramics from the first studio pottery training on the island, continuing education at the Arts & Crafts / Design School in Copenhagen, and a work period of design and art at the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Factory and numerous travels around the world to Japan, South America, Korea, China, Europe and returning to Bornholm as a homely idyllic base for studio and living. Since 1973, Gerd Hiort Petersen has had her ceramic studio on the island with her husband and colleague Hans Munk Andersen. They have exhibited, travelled and worked in Denmark and abroad. She is member of International Academie de la Ceramique, IAC. A splendid composition of works describes Gerd Hiort Petersen's outlook on life and visionary approach to the use of ceramic materials, together with her close connection to the nature of Bornholm. She shows large sculptural jars and vessels, ceramic paintings on wall-mounted plates, as well as models of altarpieces and crosses for her church commissions. Her painterly decorated pieces can be seen as complex sculptural utilitarian objects, sculptures with references to function and sculptural images each with their own story. Church art is very important in Gerd Hiort Petersen's body of work. She is highly recognized for her beautiful church commissions that reflect her personal, reflective sense of space, tradition and liturgy (text: Ann Linnemann Studio Gallery) Approx. Dimensions: Height: 3" Length: 13 5/8" Condition: Great condition, no chip or scratches. Please see all photos for complete description All CA Residents must pay CA Sales Tax LOC. S
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