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Zsolnay Pecs vase with beautiful Persian Tile Design, dated 1878, fully marked

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We are offering a rare wonderful Zsolnay vase, with a repeated pattern throughout using a Persian Tile pattern that Zsolnay brought back from his travels in Turkey and Persia. Zsolnay pottery was made in Hungary after 1853. It was characterized by Persian, Art Nouveau, or Hungarian designs. By 1878 the tower trademark was used. It shows five towers, for the five medieval churches in Pécs. Zsolnay pottery used patterns from Persian tiles, the Persian floral pattern used on this vase was also used on the Zsolnay roof tiles for the Matthias Church in Budapest, Hungary. This vase has a beautiful graduating repetitive pattern of 4 leaf flowers using the colors of reds, deep brownish purples, and cream. Each flower is separated from the other flowers by greenish gray lines. Along the top lip are a series of red dots. This a very beautiful and interesting piece of art. The five tower trademark is glazed on the bottom along with Zsolnay Pecs. There is also an incised Zsolnay Pecs mark on the bottom, along with a hand marked date of 1878. There are also some red identifying marks unable to read. Approximate Dimensions: High 4" Widest point across 3 3/4" Across Top lip 2 3/4" Across Base 2 1/8" Weight: 178 g. Condition: Very good with no visual chips cracks or repairs (Please see all photos for actual condition) id 50 loc. F