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Ea. 19th C. Early American Box Foot Stool w/ Upholstered Hinged Lid Handcarved

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This is a charming early 19th century footstool with dovetailed edges. 
Has a scalloped skirt front and back.

Some old repairs can be seen throughout. 
Early upholstered footstools were used to recline in chairs.
The lid hinges open for storage of personal items. 
Chamfered bottom helps us date this. 

The lid hinges are modern replacements, period replacements can be found, 
and would increase the value of this little stool.

Approx. Dimensions: 

Height: 7"
Length: 10 7/8"
Depth: 6 5/8"

Weight 2075g

Condition: Good age related condition, with old and new repairs and replacements. 
Very presentable and in sound condition. 

LOC. F ID. 40

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