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19th c. Japanese Meiji period, Carved Bamboo Wood Rare Ikebana 48 1/2" Vase

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a Beautifully Carved Japanese Meiji Period (1868 - 1912)
Wood Bamboo 48 1/2" Ikebana Vase
This piece is very rare as we could not find any other examples.

(please note, with the natural curve of the bamboo
this piece stands erect and very stable)

This 48 1/2" tall standing giant bamboo stalk 
was intricately carved and finished
for use as an Ikebana vase for 
the art of flower arranging.
Ikebana is the art of beautifully arranging cut stems, 
leaves, and flowers in vases and other containers 
that evolved in Japan over seven centuries

Approx. Dimensions:
Height:   appx 48 1/2"
Base diameter:  appx.  7 1/2"
top outside diameter:  appx. 6"
top inside diameter:  appx. 4 1/2" to 4 3/4"
Foot of vase appx.  11 1/2" in diameter.
Depth from top rim to inner floral vase base  appx.  9"
Weight:  10 lbs.

                ID 350                       LOC.F

this large ikebana vase is in fine age related condition. 
Even base, stands balanced and erect.

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