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Antique Adlake Non-Sweating Railroad Chicago 4 Way Switch Lantern, SANTA FE RR

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Here is a very nice Complete All Original Adlake Non-Sweating Railroad 4 Way Switch Lantern MFG'd in Chicago.

Embossed SANTA FE, 
 Used by the Santa Fe RR,  Pre WW2.

Approx Dimensions:
Height: 18 inches With Handle -- 14 1/ inches without handle  
Width: 8  inches
Depth:  8 inches

Weight: approx. 10 lbs
                                              ID.50                                      LOC. F

This lantern is in very good age related condition with varying signs of use.  the original glass chimney is intact, the glass lenses are intact, the metal frame looks clean and has no major corrosion. this is a solid and great quality original lamp. (PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOS)

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