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Ea.20thc American Brilliant Era Cut Punch Bowl Prima Donna Pattern by T.B. Clark

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This gorgeous Brilliant Era 19th century American Cut Crystal Punch Bowl & 
Base By T.B Clark in The "Prima Donna" Pattern
This work is very sharp to the touch.
This cut bowl and separate base is not the largest but one of the finest we've 
ever owned. "Prima Donna": " of jewel diamond is circled by a band 
of center stars and stepped diamonds, surrounded by a border of rich and 
split hob stars finishing with our distinctive "Castle Scallop" which is a marked 
feature of the design. The deep cutting brings out the brilliancy of the glass 
through greater refraction, an effect impossible to attain in "flat" cut goods." 
cc T.B.Clark
"Vertical cuts are difficult because the cutters hand has to be very steady. One 
move while cutting vertically is difficult and only the most experienced cutters can do it." 
14" x 12"
A number of small flaking to the repetitive geometrical ornamental borders. 
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