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Oil Painting By Hanna Maria Hudson, Portrait of a Man, in Australia, D. 1837

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A beautiful oil on canvas painting of a well dressed Man 
with his arms crossed, named Leonard Wilkinson
 sitting for a portrait in 1837, painted by
the English painter, Hannah Maria Hudson (1810-1865).
Women painters were uncommon in these times, 
so along with it's masterful execution,
 this unique fact adds a lot of value to this piece. 

This painting is signed and dated in verso:
and painted while the artist was in 
Tasmaina or Austrailia.

"Leonard Wilkinson [Age]d 71 
Hannah Maria Hudson [Painter] 

Hannah Maria Hudson was a portraitist and teacher, she lived and 
taught in Tasmania 1831-c.1838. Back in England, she painted oil portraits 
of the early Western Australian settlers John and Elizabeth Hardey.

Frame Size:
Height: 23 3/8"
Width: 19 1/4"

Canvas Size:
Height: 18"
Width: 14 1/8" 

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