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William Ballantine Dorsey (1942-2019) Calif. Landscape, Impressionist, Painting

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We're offering a appealing landscape by California artist, William Ballantine Dorsey (1942 - 2019) Best known as a California landscape painter, reminiscent of the California Impressionists. This work of Dorsey's captures his sophisticated use of color with a rich atmospheric perspective. Dorsey, born in Washington D.C. later moving to Alaska as his father was stationed there, then onto Ojai, California in 1955. Dorsey is known for his beautiful Alaskan paintings as well as his California works. Light and color are essential in plein-air, (painting in the open air). Twilight is a favorite Dorsey time. "It's not painstaking detail but what you can accomplish in strokes. I try to recreate a moment, " Dorsey graduated from the Famous Artist Course in Westport, Connecticut. Dorsey's work has sold at auction along side the early California Masters of plein-air painting. Dorsey, a genius of light and color, died tragically when he was hit by a pickup truck while walking across a street in Palm Desert, California, thus ending an amazing life too soon. Dimensions: Frame: 17.25" x 15 3/8" Canvas: 10" x 8" Condition: Good condition. Nicely framed. Loc. F
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