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19th C. Pocket Drawtube Brass Monocular Telescope with Original Leather Case

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A very wonderful Personal Pocket Drawtube Monocular Telescope 
in it's original Leather covered Tubular case.

The Telescope is Crafted in Solid Brass with Leather cover
and leather covered paper case 
which will fit in your pocket for your daily use to view items
at a great distance as though you are looking at things
nearby through a glass.

The Telescope is in Very good original condition, 
with it's leather protective cover.
Some small scuffs from use on the original leather covered case, 
also in very good original condition,
The scope has minor nicks on the front Brass Rim. 
Very small scuff on front lens it is not noticeable 
when viewed through the lens. (not foggy)
The lens is very clear.
Can be seen in photos 

                       Telescope:     2 7/8" high x 1 5/8 across the top lens,
                       In it's Leather case:   3 3/4" high x  2 1/4" across the top

                       loc. D     id.  50

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