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c.1840 Silenus Jug Stephen Green Imperial Pottery of Lambeth Stoneware, As is

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Rare Silenus jug by Stephen Green Imperial Pottery of Lambeth, England. 
This salt glazed, stoneware jug was made c. 1840 and features a two tone glaze over 
a mythological scene of Silenus, the god of Drunkenness, being escorted by Satyrs to his donkey. 
This scene seems to be depicted in a version in which he is an old man, as he is typically represented,
and as a young boy. 

This is a very beautiful piece, and is very presentable in its condition. 
It is marked on the underside with a raised Stephen Green Imperial Pottery mark. 

Approx. Dimensions: 
Height: 8.5"
Width(Handle to Spout): 8 1/4"
Total Weight: 1642g

Condition: In good overall condition with one loss to the leg to the boy in the foreground, 
and some minor losses to the bottom foot and top rim. 
Please see all photos for complete description. 

Loc. F ID. 75

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