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Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek Eldler (1807-1868) Amsterdam, Holland Genre Landscape

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Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek The Eldler 

This Wonderful Landscape is signed &dated 1862

Koekkoek comes from a well-known Dutch artist dynasty and specialized in landscape painting. Like his brothers, the artist received his training from his father, Johannes Hermanus K., and also from his older brother, Barend Cornelis. From 1840 he exhibited landscape paintings at the Amsterdam Academy. In 1847 one of his landscapes was honored with a silver medal from The Felix Meritis Foundation. His works are part of public collections in Amsterdam (Rijksmuseum), Rotterdam (Mus. Boymans-van Beuningen), Brussels, Sheffield and Cincinnati, among others. Lit.: Thieme-Becker, Bénézit, Scheen.
This Painting is signed and dated 1862

The painting is on board, and measurements are 10.25"x13.25." 

We had the painting professionally cleaned which was easy as there was varnish yellowing only. No cuts or tears or overpaint.      Loc. F    ID: 100