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Paul DiBert (1930-2009) Trompe l'oeil still life, Utah, California Oil Painting

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 Still Life by Paul DiBert (1930-2009)
A trompe l'oeil still life painter, Paul DiBert hearkens back to the traditional values of his French Huguenot Pennsylvania 
ancestors with his paintings focused on values of light and dark and precise depictions of everyday objects.
 Early in his career he did a variety of subjects but ultimately focused primarily on still life because, 
with his introverted personality, he is more comfortable with the intimacy of those kinds of arrangements. 
In the late 1940s DiBert focused on an art career and studied in Pittsburgh with Commercial artist, Henry Marcus Moran.
From him, DiBert learned a basic understanding of drawing and detail.
In Los Angeles, Don Wells, co-founder with actress Mary Pickford of the American Institute of Fine Arts,
 began to promote his work, and DiBert had one-man shows at the Biltmore and Regency Galleries in Los Angeles, 
the Regency Galleries in Laguna Beach, and the Taos Gallery in Taos.
Of his first one-man show in Los Angeles, William Wilson wrote in a review in the 'Los Angeles Times':
 "the thing that is fascinating about DiBert's dark, varnished pictures is their ethical function. 
One realizes that these are moral allegories as were the works of ancestors; Harnett, Peto, and the Dutch Specialists. 
 They seem to speak of a man with simple values." (Taos Gallery brochure).
Prizes ensued including a Gold Medal from the Council of Traditional Artists Societies and Life Membership 
from the American Institute of Fine Arts. He also earned the Jose Drudis Foundation Award for outstanding work in 1969.

Exhibition pamphlet, The Taos Art Gallery, Taos, New Mexico
Sue Van Alfen, "Southwest Art", 'Paul DiBert', February 1981
Condition: There is a scratch in the upper left corner and one in the center top, 
(this condition report is not complete until 8/27/2021)
Measurements: Canvas, 16" x 20" Framed, 23" x 27"