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RARE 19th C 1846-78 Italy Roman Catholic Brass Alms Offering Bowl, Pope Pius IX

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RARE 19th c 1846-1878 Italian Roman Catholic Brass Alms Offering Bowl, Pope Pius IX We are offering... A very rare Roman Catholic alms offering dish hand made of thick, brass with copper and brass applied medallions made in Italy. For giving alms (money or goods offered freely to the poor) is one of the pillars of Lent and an ancient practice in the Church. Traditionally this bowl would be passed around in church asking for said 'Alms". This heavy brass offering bowl displays The Virgin Mary & Child in its center surrounded by angels. On the dish’s flat rim there are four large coin-sized images with latin of Pope Pius IX, Saint Anthony of Padua, Saint Ignatius, and the Virgin Mary. Based on the image of Pope Pius IX on the alms bowl, this brass piece can be dated to be made somewhere between his papacy from 1846 to 1878. Pope Pius IX became pope in 1846. He was the last pope to rule over the Papal States, which covered much of what is now Italy. There was no separation of church and state until a rebellion by Italian nationalists forced Pope Pius IX into exile, which led to the creation of modern Italy. After the pope returned from exile without the Papal States to rule over, he was confined to the Vatican, giving the Vatican a new significance. He set the church on a conservative, even reactionary, a path that would have a major influence on the course not only of the Roman Catholic Church for many decades but also on Europe. Religious Images displayed { medallions} -(center) Virgin Mary & Child surrounded by angels (clockwise around rim) -Pope Pius IX -S.Ant.Di Padua (latin) referring to ‘Saint Anthony of Padua’ -S. Ignati Ora Pro N (latin) referring to ‘Saint Ignatius pray for us’ -Mater Divinae Gratiae (latin) referring to ‘Mary mother of grace’ Approx. Dimensions: Height: 1 1/4" Total Diameter: 9 1/2" Bowl Diameter: 7" Approx. Weight: 422 g Condition: This rare brass offering bowl is in beautiful age-related condition. It has some natural patina due to the nature of its age. Overall the heavy brass is in great shape. Please see all photos for complete description. State(s) Sales Tax may apply Shipping charges include professional packaging, handling, shipping costs, and insurance when necessary. LOC.F
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