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Three Masts American Schooner Watercolor & Cut Paper

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A fabulous watercolor painting of a Three Mast American Schooner 
under full sail on a calm sea with her crew hard at work.
The painting is painted and cut paper to show relief.
The painting seems to be from the late 19th c. and is
initialed by the artist T. S. L.  
On the back of the painting, written in pen is 
T.S. Lundgren.
The painting is nicely done on a paper with gilt beveled edge
It is nicely framed and matted with glass for protection.

Very good protected condition. Old frame with minor nicks & and scrapes.

Approximate dimensions:

                    Image   4 1/2"  x 5 7/8"

                    Frame    8 3/4 "  x  10 3/4"