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1840's American Portraits, Oil Paintings, Husband and Wife, Chicago, Illinois

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1840s American Portraits, Oil Paintings, Husband and
Wife, Chicago, Illinois 



 American Portraiture was at a zenith in 19th century

Our couple is from the Jacksonian period of the American Empire, circa

The emerging middle and upper middle classes,' of this period were
demanding portraitures' 

that were once exclusive to wealthy ancestors. 

 Setting our couple apart from less expensive examples of
their day 

is the artist's added attention to the sitters’ face and dress. 

 These portraits took longer to paint and held more valid in

 to the sophistication of a European hand.    

 Purchased in the 1950s, these portraits came to us by way 

an auction house in Chicago, Illinois. 

Our best guess is the husband-and-wife
portraits were commissioned in Chicago 

in the first half of the 19th century.

Dimensions are the same for both:   Both Portraits Framed size: 35 1/2" high x 35 1/2" wide

                                                          Both portraits without frames size:   29 1/2" high x 23 1/2"

Condition:  Professionally Cleaned, Canvas Laid on Board,  Very minor Overpaint, 

                   Excellent Condition. Previously re-framed                  Id. 500      Loc. F