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1890s Mt. Washington Beautifully Enameled 3 color Cased Glass Bottle Vase 11.75"

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Late 19th Century Mt. Washington Cased Glass Gourd Vase This beautifully vibrant vase was manufactured around 1880-1900 by American glass company Mount Washington, and exhibits the high standard which Mount Washington blanks should meet. This piece consists of tri-colored cased glass; opaque rose as the interior, canary yellow as the exterior, and in between is a layer of white glass. The hand painted gilt decorations consists of exquisitely detailed birds on a branch surrounded by butterflies, flowers, and acorns. It is signed on the bottom. Mt. Washington and its successor, the Pairpoint Corporation, was one of America’s longest-running luxury glass companies (1837-1957), one that rivaled its better known contemporaries, Tiffany and Steuben. It constantly reinvented and re-invigorated its business through creativity in texture, decoration, pattern, and color - developing a variety of styles and decorating techniques which were so technically complex that few are even practiced today. Approximate Dimensions: height - 11 3/4" diameter at widest point - 5" circumference - 15 3/4" Condition: The vase is in great condition. There are no chips or scratches, only very minor fading of the paint in a few spots. Please see photos for complete description Because of the value of this piece it will be professionally packaged, shipped, and insured. Any overage on shipping will be gladly refunded All California residents must pay state sales tax LOC F

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