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1916 Fred Rothenbusch Rookwood Vellum Vase 7 1/2", 904E-V

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1916 Rookwod Vellum Vase, in a lovely shape, with a flared rim, 
hand painted by Fred Rothenbusch with a very peaceful landscape of trees along the bank of a lake
in blues, greens, cream, and yellow, on a foggy day.  This is the wonderful effect of the vellum glaze, 
known for producing these soft ethereal scenes. 

The vase is in good overall condition, no chips or apparent damage. 
The piece has crazing throughout, typical with lots of art pottery. 

The marks on the bottom are Fred Rothenbusch's initial mark of "FR" with the F being backwords.
Followed by the Rookwood impress mark and the roman numerals "XVI" dating this piece to 1916. 
The shape, size, and glaze are represented by the "904E-V". 

ID. 60  LOC. F

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