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1933 Century of Progress Chicago's World Fair Centennial Solid Copper Tray

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1933 Century of Progress International Exposition Chicago's World Fair Centennial Solid Copper Tray This solid copper tray displays the site of the Chicago World Fair of 1933, which celebrated the centennial of the City (1833), and also showcased the scientific and industrial wonders of the day. The Sky Ride, a transporter bridge built just for this event, is prominently depicted (it was destroyed after the event). Along with the variety of themed buildings constructed for the fair, shown flying in the sky by the "Century of Progress" logo is the famous Graf Zeppelin, which was the first commercial passenger transatlantic flight service in the world. This blimp was eventually used to spread Nazi propaganda in the lead up to the second World War. This memorabilia tray is a rare piece of a historical moment, and has a beautiful two tone patina which would look great on display.

Size: 7" Wide 10" Long .25" Tall Material is Heavy Gauge Copper with Two-Tone Patina Weight: approx. 347 grams

Condition: Age Related Condition, Oxidation Around the Edges, Various Scuffs from Use, Overall in Good Original Condition