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1934 Vibroplex Semi-Automatic "Bug" code key for Amateur Radio Operators

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An original 1934 Vibroplex Company Semi-Automatic "Bug" code key.
An original key design for the active Amateur Radio operator.
Bug Keys are designed for 20-50 WPM operation giving the code
transmission a unique sound on the air.

The Oldest Name in Amateur Radio
The "bug" key represents a retro look back 
to the rich tradition of CW operation in the hobby.

U.S. patent number 107589. dated on or about 1934

The "Bug" key  was invented in 1905 by Horace Martin.
with the Vibroplex Company Inc.
786 Fulton St., Brooklyn , N.Y.

Dimensions:  Total length with operation key 7 1/2 " x 3 1/2 "

Weight:          1569 g.

Condition:      Good, as found condition (Please see all photos for complete description)

                                                           loc. F   id.  40

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