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1950's San Diego Artist Isabelle Churchman Mid-Century Ceramic Sculpture Rare!

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Isabelle Schultz Churchmann (1896 - 1988) In 1930 Isabelle moved to La Jolla, California where she taught at the Balmer School. Isabelle joined the San Diego Art Guild, and at the Guild's exhibit in 1933 her sculpture Buddy received second prize. Exhibited: California Pacific International Exposition 1935. Churchman was commissioned to create dioramas depicting episodes of San Diego history for the "State Emergency Relief Administration", (SERA). While on this project she met and worked with Celeste Batiste, Donal Hord, and Edwin T. Churchman , (married 1936). In the mid 1930's Isabelle began teaching arts and crafts at the Francis Parker School. Isabelle was commissioned to create a four foot tall onyx sculpture of St. Francis for the Francis Parker School , 1937. During WW lI Isabelle became a draftsman for the 11th Naval District, San DiegoShe also produced a war memorial for the Russ Auditorium of San Diego High School which consisted of mahogany relief panels depicting Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" in 1944. After the war she taught classes at the San Diego Fine Arts Gallery . Although best known for her sculpture in bronze and ceramic, she also worked in pottery, watercolors, enamel on copper, and glass tile mosaic. Among her architectural projects were figurative groups for the Burnham and Prudential buildings in San Diego , and a portrait relief of Dean Peterson for San Diego State College. As fashions changed Isabelle had difficulty adjusting and became depressed believing her work was no longer appreciated.She suffered an emotional breakdown. To help speed her recovery, long-time friend Donal Hord gave her encouragement to keep creating works in sculpture. Churchman died in Chula Vista, CA on Feb. 25, 1988. Source: "San Diego History Journal Sculptors" Measurements: 16.5" x 11" x7.5" Condition: One small hairline...See Photos Add a map to your own listings. FREE Trial!
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