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1984 John Glenn Signed Presidential Bumper Sticker Personal Signature Autograph

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This is a autographed 1984 John Glenn Election Bumper Sticker.

Glenn ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1984, 
putting himself forward as a candidate who could run and win 
against the Republican incumbent, Ronald Reagan.  

But while he probably would have been a successful president,
 he wasn't that good at being a presidential candidate, 
which is something of a prerequisite for the job.

He wanted desperately for people to understand that 
he was not just the astronaut who risked his life circling the
 Earth in a tiny Mercury capsule. He was a U.S. senator, 
deeply involved in serious national and international issues and well respected on Capitol Hill.
Glenn's campaign limped along before he called it quits.

Approx. Dimensions:
Height: 3" 
Length: 11.5"

Condition: Good age related condition. See all photos for complete description. Backing intact.

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