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19th c. French Sail / Steam-Ship The Yucatan, Oil Painting By W. Drake

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A beautiful 1890s oil painting of the "Yucatan" French steamship by the artist "W. Drake"
This original painting illustrates a small steamship flying the French flag. This painting can be 
dated to the 19th c. because of the type of ship with its sail up and  steam 
engine. The oil painting on artist board is in its original wood frame and is titled "Yucatan"
in the lower left corner and is signed "W. Drake" in the lower right. 
Approx. Dimensions:
W. Drake oil painting is painted on early cardboard.
Height: 10 1/2"
Width: 18 1/2
Height: 8"
Width: 16"
This antique steamship painting is in beautiful unrestored condition. It's difficult to see but there are a few pinhead-sized dents just behind the ship. The original wood frame is in good condition. Please see all photos for the complete description.
Please see all photos for complete description.
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