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19th c. Meiji era Japanese Ikebana Timber Bamboo Flower Vase

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A 19th Century Japanese Giant Bamboo Ikebana Flower Vase made of Timber Bamboo. It's a beautiful age correct vase showing only small splits due to its age with appropriate original patina. The carved scene around the vase shows a snake coiling between mountains with a small cat between the snake and the mountains. The snake is seen often in Japanese Mythology. It typically represents a mystical messenger showing up as a woman; either good or evil that bestows gifts of power or wealth upon the man that she entraps. The mythical cat shown below the snake has what looks like a bell below its neck and a bow of some type on its head. The cat appears often in Japanese Mythology and goes by the name of Bakeneko or the Nekomata. They are both similar mythical cat creatures believed to have supernatural abilities. The top and bottom of the vase is ringed by carvings of blooming Chrysanthemums, long a symbol of the Emperial Family. Condition: The vase is in lovely age-appropriate condition showing some small splits around the vase and a centimeter chip on the upper edge and a small chip on the interior. Age appropriate original patina. Please see photographs for actual condition. Dimensions: Outside - 15 1/2" x 5 1/4" Inside - 15" depth and 4" width opening California Residents must pay California Sales tax LOC F