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19th. Century Silver Plate Posy Bouquet Holder Romanticized Fashion Accessory

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19th. Century Antique Silver Plate Posy Bouquet Holder Romanticized Fashion Accessory We are offering... An antique and rare posy holder with a repoussè of floral designs and delicate decor made of silver plate.The posy holder is conventionally a lady's accessory in silver or other metal, resembling a small vase. In earlier times before sanitation and concerns with personal hygiene, the posies or "nosegays," were carried to superstitiously ward off disease or to camouflage the unpleasant smells of the street. Later in the 19th and early 20th centuries they were romanticized as a fashion accessory for young ladies to hold the flowers brought by courting 'gentleman callers'. The attached chain has a thin needle like attachment at the end. It goes through the cone to secure the flowers. Approx. Dimensions: Length: 7" Width: 2" Condition: The Posy holder is in good condition considering the age. The only missing part is the metal loop or safety pin but it is missing. Please see all photos for complete description. State(s) Sales Tax may apply Shipping charges include professional packaging, handling, shipping costs, and insurance when necessary. LOC. D
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