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19th Century Spa Glass w/ Maria Theresa Portrait w/ 1835 Coin in Base RARE

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Beautiful & Unique 19th Century Austrian Portrait Spa Glass. Very RARE With a floating Coin in the Base. Hand Cut, Garnet Red cased Clear Glass with Gilt Detail & Rim. Hand Painted Portrait on the glass is believed to be Maria Theresa. Maria Theresa was an Austrian Archduchess, and Holy Roman Empress of the Hapsburg Dynasty, 1740-1780. Maria Theresa is Marie Antoinette’s Mother. The Austrian minted Silver Coin is loosely encased in the base of the Spa Glass. Coin dated 1835 C. uncirculated coin. The coin has be untouched since it was inserted in the base of the glass. Please note, we have found no comparable coin & portrait spa glasses online. Dimensions of glass: 4 3/4 inches tall 3 1/4 inch top opening 2 2/4 inch base Condition: Loss to gilding & minor scratches from use & age. (SEE PHOTOS) Loc F