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19th Century Victorian Iroquois Blue Beaded Slipper Shoe Wall Pocket & Brush

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A beautiful 19th century victorian Iroquois blue and white beaded slipper wall pocket and sterling clothing brush. The beautiful wall pocket is delicately beaded with fine detail on the face of the piece as well as beads draping the bottom of the piece. The sterling clothing brush snuggly fits in the pocket of the slipper shoe. The sterling brush has a fine floral detail bordering the top of the brush. This piece was made by the Iroquois Native Americans who were located in what is now New York State. 

Iroquois Confederacy, self-name Haudenosaunee (“People of the Longhouse”), also called Iroquois League, Five Nations, or (from 1722) Six Nations, confederation of five (later six) Indian tribes across upper New York state that during the 17th and 18th centuries played a strategic role in the struggle between the French and British 
for mastery of North America. The five original Iroquois nations were the Mohawk (self-name: Kanien’kehá:ka [“People of the Flint”]), Oneida (self-name: Onᐱyoteʔa∙ká [“People of the Standing Stone”]), Onondaga (self-name: Onoñda’gega’ [“People of the Hills”]), Cayuga (self-name: Gayogo̱hó:nǫ’ [“People of the Great Swamp”]), and Seneca 
(self-name: Onödowa’ga:’ [“People of the Great Hill”]). After the Tuscarora (self-name: Skarù∙ręʔ [“People of the Shirt”]) joined in 1722, the confederacy became known to the English as the Six Nations and was recognized as such at Albany, New York (1722). Often characterized as one of the world’s oldest participatory democracies, the confederacy has persisted into the 21st century.
(cc: Britannica)

Approx. Dimensions:
Wall Pocket Height: 9 1/2"
Wall Pocket Width: 4"
Wall Pocket Depth: 2"
Brush Height: 3"
Brush Width: 2"
Brush Depth: 1 1/2"

Item is in age related condition. 
Missing some beads throughout.
Backing has some losses. 
Please see all photos for complete description.

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