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5 1960s-80s Steiff Stuffed Animals w/ Ear Tags Bunny, Cat, Deer, Monkey, Dog

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Lot of 5 1960s-80s Steiff Stuffed Animals with their original Ear Tags and button. 
Included in the group are:

Lorli, a laying down Fawn with a spotted coat and a fluffy white tail. 
Sometimes referred to as Bambi. The ear tag is numbered 1831/38
It is 11" Long. 

Snobby, a brown bunny who is laying flat on his belly. 
The ear tag is numbered 2968/35. It is 14" long. 

Sissi, a standing kitten with green eyes. This cat stands on its tail and hind legs. 
The ear tag reads 2726/17. It is 10" long. 

Hango, a large, floppy Gibbon monkey. Has airbrushed details on face. 
The ear tag reads  0040/45. It is 18" tall. 

Corso, a Collie dog laying down. Has a beautiful coat. 
The ear tag reads 4090/40. It measures 15" long.  

Condition: Good age related condition, with original ear tags.  
See photos for complete description.   ID. 80                 LOC. S