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An 18th to 19th C. Tibetan Buddhist Priest Monk Painted Ritual Crown (Diadem)

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A 18th to early 19th c. Buddhist, folding 5 panel Ceremonial Crown, 
used by priests and monks during priestly initiation rites 
and religious ceremonies. 
One of the cosmic Buddhas decorates each of the 5 panels
arranged as on a Mandala or cosmic diagram.

Of the 5 Cosmic Buddhas, 4 represent the directional mudras (hand gestures)
in the cosmos, the 5th (white buddha) presides over
the center with the mudra, hand gesture, of exposition.
When crowned, the priest creates and enters a living mandala.

This Crown consists of 5 polychromed lacquer images
of the 5 Cosmic Buddhas.  They are held together
using the original cloth ties. 

The covering over the panels seems to be very fine leather.
The crown folds down to a single mudra panel.
Some use of old thread was used to stabilize the cloth ties.

Approximate Dimensions:   Crown open laying flat, not including ties   21 1/2" wide
                                            Each individual panel on the cloth band     7 1/4" high
                                            The ties and the band have adequate length to tie.  SEE PHOTOS

Condition:  Original age-related condition from use over the ages, the colors are complete and original.  
The backs of some panels show some color bleeding from use. 
 PLEASE SEE ALL PHOTOS FOR CLOSE INSPECTION                              id. 80                 loc. D