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Antique 18th 19th c. African Omani Bronze Slave Anklet Bracelet Bangle

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A 18th c. - early 19th c. African antique bronze slave bracelet, anklet or bangle. It's very ornate with 
repousse ( hammered from the inside ) decorations covering all the exterior surfaces. 
It is a two piece design with a copper bottom added to the underside and is still soldered 
to one half side of the anklet, while the other half has come loose. The original pin holes that 
secured the anklet together have been soldered and filled with solder as well the pin holes 
on the inside of the anklet.
The design suggests its origin is from the Omani Arab Tribe area. History has shown that 
these bracelets or anklets were used to show status or wealth when out in the public in 
addition to a being a means of control over the slaves. The Omani Arab Tribes controlled 
the slave trade during the 18th and 19th century. In the 19th century the Omani controlled 
the largest area of the slave trade along the east Coast of Africa as well as the island of Zanzibar. 
Condition: A 19th c. African Omani Bronze anklet, bangle, bracelet showing age correct wear. 
The piece has a copper bowl soldered to the bottom of one of the anklet halves. Pinholes  
have been filled with solder and the two halves of the anklet are not connected to one another. 
There are solder filled holes on the inside of the anklet circle. Please see photographs fror
actual condition.
Dimensions:    Width - 6"  Height - 2 3/4" 
                          Center Opening - 3" 
                          Internal Depth - 2 1/2" 
                          Copper Bottom height - 1"
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