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Antique German Stein d.1852, Ruby Cut to Clear with Pewter & glass Lid, Holiday

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Antique German Stein, Ruby Cut to Clear w/ Pewter Lid, dated 1852
This is an antique cut crystal German Stein with pewter and glass lid from the 19th century. Etched in glass and painted by hand, the words, "Glück Gesundheit Freude" are commonly seen on celebratory and toasting steins, translating to "Luck Health Joy". The imagery is symbolic of these words. From left to right, we see a cornucopia overflowing with bounty, the 'Bowl of Hygieia', Grecian goddess of health, and a guitar showing song and dance of the festive season.
German beer steins date back to the 14th century as an innovative container for beverage, in which the pewter lids kept the liquid protected from contamination. Other drinking vessels and containers would follow this design. The word "Stein" is short for steinzeug krug, which means stoneware, tankard, or jug in German.
Lidded Stein, glass, German, with inscriptions d. 1852

6 5/8" to top of finial, 3.75" in diameter at base.

The glass has no chips. No flaws, no mineral deposits. Great condition.