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Antique Gilt Bronze Mid-East Persian Rhyton Lion Cup, Rare

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rare & wonderful Gilt Bronze
Achaemenid (Persian Empire) Rhyton Lion cup.
19th c Grand Tour piece,
(Approximate age of this piece is between 1860 to 1880's

A Rhyton is a roughly conical container from which fluids
were intended to be drunk in ceremonies.
Typically formed in the shape of an animal's head,
and were produced over large areas of ancient
Eurasia, especially from Persia to the Balkans.

                   Height:  4 1/4"
                   Width :   4 1/2"
                   Depth:    2 1/2"
Weight:       574 g.
                 Very good age related condition. 
                 Minor crack inside cup 
                 some small minor dents 
                 to the piece from age & use
                 Some gold gilding is worn from 
                 use and handling over the years. 
                                                                                    Id. 40         Loc. F