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Antique Miniature Painted Porcelain Portrait a Renaissance Royal Lady Grand Tour

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Masterfully Painted Portrait on Porcelain, A Young Lady of Royal Lineage The lovely young royal wears a gown of sumptuous patterned velvet in golden/red colors. A plethora of rare pearls, (only worn by royals) intermixed with rubies, emeralds and gold demonstrate the wealth and high status of the sitter. The portrait and dress is of the late 1500s to early 1600s. The clothing fabrics, colors, and jewelry such as pearls and gem stones were highly regulated in the Elizabethan Era; only by those of royal blood were allowed wear these fashions. We believe the sitter to be Hapsburg royalty. The signature is indistinct. The painting and frame are from the 1880s. This work is known as Grand Tour Era. Measurements: 6.5" x 6" Condition: The painting is in very good condition. The frame has tips off the ends, various cracks and gold overpaint. Please see all photos as they are a part of this description. F.