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Bronze Figure Aphrodite / Venus Greco/Roman Antiquity 300 BC-300 AD later Base

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Used : An exact age-related condition, both base and Goddess.

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fascinating bronze sculpture that we believe was created after the antique at the time of America's and Europe's Grand Tour period 1700's to 1800's. 
Inspired by an ancient Roman bronze, perhaps a priestess like the types from the late Etruscan and early Roman, Aphrodite / Venus. 
This appears to be late 18th or early 19th century. The original sculpture would have been 1st to 5th century BC. This piece joined with two iron pins one through the front of the feet and one on the bottom of the base. There are impressed marks at the top of the base and an impressed number at the underneath of the base.
Grand Tour : a journey to the different countries of Europe that in the past was part of the education of wealthy people from Britain and the U.S.
350 grams
Height: 4 3/4"
Width: 2"

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