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Byzantine circa 1000 AD Islamic Hand Carved Stone Oil Lamp Geometric RARE

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A RARE Byzantine era Islamic hand carved stone oil lamp. This piece has a soft worn surface from a 1000 years of handling and use. The geometric designs flow throughout the lamp and the shapes are triangular and symmetrical. There are many decorative lines carved throughout the piece. The notched line designs are on the top and back of the handle and on either side of the piece. There is genuine darkening on the lamp nose from use. The handle is completely in tact. In photo 11 there maybe an early type of writing engraved on the stone that could be the name or mark of the original owner/carver. Approx. Dimensions: Length: 8" Width: 2" Height: 2 1/2" Weight: 652 Grams Condition: This stone Lamp is complete and is in good condition considering its age. The entire lamp age related ware from 1000 years of use. Please see all photos for complete description. State(s) Sales Tax may apply Shipping charges include professional packaging, handling, shipping costs, and insurance when necessary. LOC. F