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C. 1815 Fraktur Fracture Birth and Baptismal , Johann Ritter & Co Reading, PA

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Antique Late 19th C Signed 1815 Fraktur Fracture Johann Ritter & Co. Reading, PA 

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A beautiful 1815 Pennsylvania German document "Fraktur" otherwise known as a 
fracture. The document was printed then engraved & hand-colored with a rich 
red-orange hue. The Johann Ritter & Company was printing in Reading, 
Pennsylvania from 1779 to 1851. This lovely Birth & Baptismal Certificate is 
protected by glass in an ornate wood frame. 

Translation help provided by the Reading Public Museum:
“Gerburts und Taufschein” (Birth and Baptismal Certificate)
To these two spouses, namely Wohannes Frank and his wedded housewife Anna Maria Mallborne was a daughter born into the world the 28th day of May in the year of our Lord, 1815. This daughter was born in ‘Sefhel’ Township, in ‘Serfs’ County, in the state of Pennsylvania, in North America; and received through Holy Baptism the name “__cannot transcribe___”, the 24th day of July in the year 1815 by the honorable Mr. ‘__cannot transcribe__’ The sponsors were the parents themselves. She was confirmed by ‘__cannot transcribe__’ [in upper left box]

When we are barely born, from the first step in life to the cool grave of the earth, is only a short-measured pace. Oh! With every moment, our strength declines. And with every year, we are all too ripe for the bier. [in upper right box]
And who knows at which hour the final voice will awaken us; for with His mouth, God has not yet revealed this to any human. He who now tends to his house will leave the world with joy. Since surety, on the other hand, can provoke eternal death.
[in center, two columns]
I am baptized, I stand united through my baptism with my God! So I always speak with joyful mouth, in burden, in sadness, fear and need. I am baptized, for which I am glad. The joy remains with me eternally. I am baptized, if I now die, how can the cool grave harm me? I know my fatherland and inheritance that I have in heaven with God. After my death, is for me prepared, heaven’s joy and garment of celebration.
[in lower center, two columns]
I am baptized in Your name, God Father, Son and Holy Spirit! I am counted to Your seeds, To the people that You call holy. Oh! What happiness thus became mine! Lord,
let me be worthy of it!

Approx. Dimensions:
Height: 17 1/4"
Width: 13 1/2" 
Height: 16"
Width: 12" 

This 19th C fracture is in beautiful age-related condition. The Fraktur is in great shape, protected by glass with only slight spotting on the paper. The frame itself is in good condition, but corners aren't completely flush. Please see all photos for complete description.

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