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c. 1840 American Primitive Folk Art Oil on Canvas Portrait of Woman

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American Primitive Folk Art Portrait Seated Woman c.1840 Oil on Canvas Portraiture was by far the most prevalent art form among itinerant painters in the American Northeast. These artists spent their careers on the road, seeking commissions in cities and rural America. They are characterized by sharply defined forms, neatly organized compositions with clearly defined spatial arrangements, some with an almost mathematical precision and symmetry, generalized lighting, equal attention paid to all areas of the canvas, an absence of expressive brushwork, and an overall flatness and linearity Most folk artists began their careers painting signs or furniture. Condition: Very good clean condition, framed. Please see all photos for a complete description. Approx. Dimensions: Frame: H: 13 1/8" W: 11 1/4" Sight: H: 11" W: 9" LOC: F
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