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c.1900 German Sterling Silver Hinged-Lid Trinket Box .930 Cherubs, Beautiful

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We are offering a lovely c. 1900 German .930 Sterling Silver Hinged-Lid Trinket Box. 
This piece is hand-repousséd and engraved all over, with no evidence of repairs. 
It is an oval lobed shape with three cherubs playing musical instruments on the lid, 
with various kinds of fruit repoussed around the side panels. The piece is just beautiful, 
and much more so in person. The underside has the silver marks which read
"930 Sterling Silber Germany". The hinge has a stop which keeps the lid upright, and
opens to a gilt interior. 

Approx. Dimensions: 
Length: 5 7/8"
Width: 4 1/8"
Height: 2 1/8"

Weight: 244 g

This piece is in a very good original condition. No evidence of previous repairs. 
ID 40  LOC. F