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c 1900s Watercolor Gouache of a 3 Masted Chinese Junk Battened Sails, Ship

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We are offering A Wonderful Early 20th c. Watercolor Gouache Painting of a Chinese Junk the painting is signed in the lower left, but we are unable to identify it. a Chinese junk could be one of many types of small coastal or river ships, usually serving as a cargo ship, pleasure boat, or houseboat, were predominantly used by Chinese traders throughout Southeast Asia. Similar junk sails were also adopted by other East Asian countries, most notably Japan where junks were used as merchant ships to trade goods The Junk is a classic Chinese sailing vessel of ancient unknown origin, still in wide use. High-sterned, with projecting bow, the junk carries up to five masts on which are set square sails consisting of panels of linen or matting flattened by bamboo strips. Each sail can be spread or closed at a pull, like a venetian blind. The massive rudder takes the place of a keel, or centerboard. The hull is partitioned by solid bulkheads running both transversely and longitudinally, adding greatly to strength. Chinese junks sailed to Indonesian and Indian waters by the early Middle Ages. The Junk has changed very little since it's inception. Dimensions: Framed 16 1/2" x 20 1/2" Image 11" x 15" Condition: Image is in Good Condition with some age-related toning to the paper and with some very minor scuffing to the outside borders under the mat. (Please see all photos for actual condition) Id. 80 Loc. R H
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