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Ea. 19th Century Pin Prick Picture Watercolor Painting, Religious, Georgian

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This pin prick picture is a fascinating example 
of this 19th century genteel art form.
These are very rare paintings to find, 
and we have a very special piece, 
depicting a child with a beggar. 
Another similar piece is titled "The Lame Man & Child".
This is a very Georgian genre subject painting. 
The highlights of both figures and ground are done with watercolor, 
while the rest of the body is careful pricked from the back with a pin. 

Mounted in an early frame, may or may not be original. 
There is various writing on the picture, including the date 1813, 
although our professional opinion is that this is an early 19th C. piece. 
Next to the face of the beggar seems to be initials of the artist. 

Approx Dimensions:

Frame Height: 11.5"
Frame Width: 9.5
Paper Height: 8.5"
Paper Width: 7.5"

The paper has a four part crease and small losses throughout. 
Some slight foxing, paint is in overall good age related condition. 
Slight losses to frame's gesso gilding on all sides of the frame. 

Loc. F    ID. 40