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Eight 15th-17th C. Thai Bronze Buddha Heads w/ Base Ayutthaya Kingdom

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Group of 15th-17th C. AD Thai Bronze Buddha Heads w/ Base Ayutthaya Kingdom

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A group of eight mounted Thai Ayutthaya period Bronze Buddha Heads.
These pieces are all cast in bronze, and appear to be from various makers and time periods spanning the Ayutthaya Kingdom.
There are two sets of four heads mounted on a wooden bases. 
These very unique Buddhist art form originating out of South East Asia. 

The Ayutthaya Kingdom was a Siamese kingdom that existed from 1350 to 1767. 

Ayutthaya was friendly towards foreign traders, including the Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Indians, Japanese, Koreans, Persians, and later Spaniards, Dutch, English, and French, permitting them to set up villages outside the walls of the capital, also called Ayutthaya. In the 16th century, it was described by foreign traders as one of the biggest and wealthiest cities in the East. The court of King Narai (1656–1688) had strong links with that of King Louis XIV of France, whose ambassadors compared the city in size and wealth to Paris.
By 1550, the kingdom's vassals included some city-states in the Malay Peninsula, Sukhothai, Lan Na and parts of Burma and Cambodia.[1] This part of the kingdom's history is sometimes referred to as the "Ayutthayan Empire". In foreign accounts, Ayutthaya was called "Siam", but many sources say the people of Ayutthaya called themselves Tai and their kingdom Krung Tai (Thai: กรุงไท) meaning 'Tai country' (กรุงไท). It was also referred to as Iudea in a painting requested by the Dutch East India Company.

Approx. Dimensions:
Larger set including base:
Height: 3 1/4"
Width:  6 1/4"
Depth: 1 1/4"
Smaller set including base:
Height: 3 1/4"
Width:  5 3/4"
Depth: 1 1/4"
Total Weight: All eight heads plus stand weighs 593g

Good age related condition.
Nice patina from age. 
Some heads are slightly loose from base. 
Please see all photos for complete description.

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