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Erika King Mid-Century Painting Miami Modern Exhibited 1975 Mixed Media Original

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Erika King is a Miami based artist known for her corporate commemorative, sports and celebrity collages.

"A Labor of Love: Artist Erika King makes collages of the Miami Heat at her studio in Coconut Grove. King has been creating collages for the Miami Heat for 15 years, selling them for $15,000.00 - $30,000.00 each. Sales spiked this season." cc Madeline O'Leary - Miami Herald.

Through photographs and paint, Ms. King creates histories and events into fine art in the form of collage on canvas. 

Erika King’s corporate collages have been commissioned by American Express, Texaco, the United Way, Anheuser-Busch, Blockbuster Entertainment, AT&T Wireless, and AIG among many other Fortune 500 companies. 

She has created commemorative collages for the Miami Centennial, City National Bank, the Concert Association, World Trade Center, the Miami Heat, the NBA and the University of Miami, as well as commissions for the private collections of numerous well-known sports, music and political figures.

Born in Philadelphia to a family of artists, she was educated in Germany, Switzerland, Paris and Spain. 

Her work has been exhibited throughout Europe as well as New York, San Francisco, Caracas and Miami. 

She lives and works out of her studio in Coconut Grove.

The art work is is excellent original condition. The glass is new. The matting is fine. The metal frame has a few scuffs. This extraordinary work deserves to be re-framed. (If I do it, the price will go up.)

Sight, 19" x 27"
Framed, 26.5" x 22.25"