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Jean Cotelle ll (1642-1708) Charcoal Drawing of Cherubs Signed, Original

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Jean Cotelle ll (1642-1708) Cherubs Allegorical Charcoal Signed Original We're offering an original, artist signed, work on paper by Jean Cotelle II (1642-1708). This rare mixed media piece by Cotelle affirms his expertise in charcoal, gouache and ink: his penchant for the baroque fashion and the allegorical: inevitably bringing him acclaim, and to the attention of 17th century European Aristocracy. Jean II Cotelle dit le Jeune, aka Jean Cotelle II aka Jean Cotelle Le Jeune was born in Paris in 1645 in a cultivated environment. He was surrounded by artists and especially painters like his father, Jean I Cotelle, painter of the king, decorator and ornamentalist. It is probably with portrait painter Claude LeFefebvre that he Cotelle received his first training. Jean Cotelle Le Jeune then stayed in Rome from 1665 to 1670. In the 1675s , he produced miniatures to illustrate the Campaigns of Louis XIV as well as in 1681, a May de Notre-Dame, in very large format, representing the Wedding at Cana. Cotelle also works on decorations, in particular in the castle of Saint-Cloud where he realizes for the Cabinet of jewels, tables on the history of Venus and Aeneas. The most important order was his assignment from Louis XIV to decorate the gallery of Trianon also called the gallery of Cotelle . For this gallery, Cotelle painted twenty-one topographic views of the gardens of Versailles, which he embellished with characters drawn from mythology or literature. In parallel, he executed a series of twenty gouaches repeating the same themes from the Trianon gallery in miniature. In 1693, he left Paris for Provence via Lyon where he would have done the decoration of the ceiling of the large living room for the Château de la Damette. From 1695 to 1700 he was in Marseille and became co-director of the opera with Duplessis. He also creates ephemeral decorations such as The Entry into the City of Avignon of the Duke of Burgundy and the Duke of Berry. Jean II Cotelle returned to Paris in 1703 and continued his activities there at the Academy until his death in 1708. Provenance: From the collection of Stephan (1877-1944) Viennese businessman and artist, deported to KL Auschwitz and his wife, Else Mautner To Andreas Mautner (son) Washington DC,To Gabriele Mautner (daughter) Married F. Lawrence Rowley MD, Stamford, Conn. To Aliyssa Rowley-Katz (daughter) Ca. Approx. Dimensions: Site Height: 5" Site Width:2 7/8" Frame Height: 8 7/8" Frame Width: 6 3/4" Condition: This 17th c. charcoal / drawing on paper is in very good condition; the authentic signature is clear, and the images are easily recognizable. The frame is antique, quite distressed, and not of the period. Please see all photos for complete description. All CA Residents must pay CA Sales Tax Shipping charges include professional packaging, handling, and shipping costs. LOC. F
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