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Late 18th c Portrait of a Gentleman

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A very well done Portrait
on canvas of a Gentleman
This is a late18th c to very early 19th c
We believe this painting to be 
an American Gentleman.
Wearing the Fashion of the times with
his powered hair or wig.

Painting is on canvas with
it's original frame and an
old wood back
There is an old name in ink
written on the old wood back
We are unable to read it
due to age & wear

The painting appears to be in it's original frame 
and is under old glass for protection
It has a suspension hook for mounting


Very good age-related condition with some very minor 
creases and scuff marks due to wear and age

Please see all photos for accurate description

Approximate Dimensions:

                                        Painting     6 3/8" x 5  7/16"
                                        Framed      7 1/2  x 6  9/16"
                                        Depth         3/4"

                                 id. 60   loc. F