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Late 18th - Ea.19th C. Mamluk Middle East Tea Box w/ Silver & Copper on Brass

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Rare Old Authentic Halibut Wood Hook Figurative Bird Haida or Tlingit Northwest Coast American
The design is that of a bird in flight, depicted in a very traditional native style from the pacific northwest. 
Wood is in great condition, and the area beneath the barb has marks as if it may have caught a few. The cotton cord wrapping is still holding tight and looks excellently wrapped. 
A masterful hook craftsmen must have made this one based on the construction. 

This is a fine piece for a Northwest Coast Collection.
"The Tlingit and Haida, indigenous peoples of the Northwest Coast (N.W.C.), have used carved wooden hooks to catch halibut for centuries. As modern fishing technology crept into use, however, the old hooks practically disappeared from the sea. But they thrived on land - as decorative art.
Halibut hooks, often called wood hooks, are part of a sophisticated apparatus for catching the flat, bottom-dwelling fish that can weigh more than 500 pounds. Constructed in two pieces of different woods, they look something like an open fish mouth from the side, with a barb, facing backwards, lashed to the top piece. When the fish tries to spit out the hook, the barb sets in its jaw. Hooks were carefully carved to maximize their potential for catching fish, and their shape and size varied depending on the size of halibut they were used for. 
But as modern fishing technology displaced traditional gear, wood hooks began to change, varying greatly in design and dimension from early versions. These "art hooks" were created as decorative objects, often depicting animals important to N.W.C traditions and using materials such as abalone inlay."

Beautiful condition, nice patina, no repairs. Cotton cord is in great condition. Barb is still sharp.
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Approx. Dimensions:
Length: 9.5"
Height at widest: 4.5"
                                                                                                                                                                                                               L.O.C. S