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Late 19th C. Tibetan Gilt Bronze Vajrayogini Statue Tantric Buddhist Goddess

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A beautiful late 19th Century Tibetan bronze statue of the Tantric Buddhist Goddess Vajrayogini,
standing on two corpses. " She holds in her left hand a skull cup complete with a halved brain, 
and in her right hand a flaying knife held at the level of her knee. Traditionally in Buddhist and 
Hindu symbolism, the flaying knife or Kartri, is a ritual tool used to chop up corpses so that they 
can be devoured by carrion birds and other animals." (Buddha Museum) She is also wearing
a necklace of severed heads, and a 5 skull crown. 

The flaming arc behind the goddess is painted as flames. It slots into place onto the plinth. 
The goddess is also removable and slots into place in the two bodies. Much of this is gilt,
and there are turquoise and coral stones throughout the piece. 

In good age-related condition.  Slight losses to paint and to the stones. 
Some losses to the matte gold and black paint of the face. 
Most of the gilding is intact.

Approx. Dimensions:

Height:   14"
Width:     8 1/4"
Depth:     4 1/4"
Weight:  12 lbs. 

Loc. F   ID. 100