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Marcel Debut (1865-1933) Bronze Sculpture L'AGE DE FER, "IRON AGE" French, 1890s

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Marcel Debut (1863-1933) 
The son of the French Sculptor Jean Didier Debut,
 Marcel studied at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris with Henri Chap.
 Debut was an accomplished painter although sculpture was his love.
Marcel Debut, added art deco and art nouveau designs in later works.  
Early sculpture by Debut focuses on the historical subjects.
 Artist signed "Debut," along with the Paris Casting Foundry Stamp.
 This bronze depicts a Viking Nordic Celt, Scandinavian.
 He is sharpening his iron axe. These iron age artifacts such as swords,
 cups and shields have been found buried in peat bogs of Northern Europe.
Condition: Very Good
26.5" Tall x 12" (at the widest) 
 Weight approx. 44 lbs.Loc. F