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Max Koch (1859-1930) 2 Collotype Photo Prints, 1895, Male Nudes, Vintage Germany

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Max Koch (1859-1930) Collotypes' of Nude Males Wrestling, Late 19th c. Freilicht (Open Air) 

Max Friedrich Koch attended the art academy of the Kunstgewerbemuseum in Berlin. He studied under Ernst Ewald, Eduard Schaller and M. Meurer.  In 1876, he traveled to Italy and only finished his studies upon his return to Germany.

From 1879 onwards he participated on the interior decoration of the opera in Frankfurt/Main under the architect and painter Friedrich von Thiersch.  In 1881, he studied at the Academy Julian in Paris. 

Two years later, Max Friedrich Koch came back to Berlin where he worked as a teacher at his former school and regularly showed his works in major German exhibitions. cc Askart.

Interestingly, at the beginning of the 20th
century, Koch served as an expert witness in a prosecution test case brought
against the publisher Beauty, who was accused by a civil keep group) called the
“Cologne Men's Association to Combat Public Immorality" of disseminating
some photographic depictions of undesired nudity.

(The Beauty) was
a monthly journal for art and life, published between 1903 to 1914 in Berlin,
Leipzig, and Vienna. The journal was elaborately designed in German Jugendstil,
(art nouveau) produced on art paper and was one the first to include
"culturally nude" life photographs by various past and present
photographers. Koch, having photographed hundreds of nudes, male and female, is an interesting witness to call on for this specific case.

The magazine was found innocent.


7 1/2 inch × 5 7/16 inch

The print is in very good age related condition. 
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